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How to get around and how much it will cost you | Naxos Island

Get around and cost

carIn order to really get to know Naxos you will need some kind of transport. If you choose to use public transport you should know that there are buses leaving from the bus station in Hora which connect it to all the villages and beaches in Naxos. As the buses do not run very often, it is important that you should be aware of the timetable if you want to plan ahead your day out. (Bus station: 2285022291).
If you decide to rent a car to travel around more freely, you would like to have some picture of the rental fees: For small to middle size cars, the price in low season is approximately 25 € per day and approx. 27 € in mid season, reaching 45 € in high season. For a jeep or a large vehicle, the fee per day is 40, 57 and 64 € respectively.

If you plan use a taxicab for your transportation, it would be best to agree upon a price beforehand based on the following price chart:

Should you decide to go around in a taxi, here is an indicative list of some of the possible routes and how much they cost:
Hora local 6 €
Hora local double 9 €
Hora – airport 9 €
Hora – Stelida 7 €
Hora – Agios Prokopios 7 €
Hora – Agia Anna 8 €
Hora – Plaka (Maragas) 10 €
Hora – Mikri Vigla 20 €
Hora – Kastraki 20 €
Hora – Agiassos 25€
Hora – Galini 7€
Hora or airport – Orkos 22€
Airport – Mikri Vigla 22 €
Airport – Kastraki 20 €
Airport – Ag. Prokopios, Ag. Anna 10€
Airport – Plaka 12 €
Airport – Stelida 9€
Airport – Melanes 15€
Airport – Agiassos 25€
Stelida double 12€
Ag. Prokopios, Ag. Anna double 12€

Tel Radio Taxi: 2285022444