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On the slopes of Mt Zas | Touring in Naxos - Routes | Naxos Villages

On the slopes of Mt Zas

filotiAfter Tragea, the road starts to climb up Mt Zas, coming to Filoti (20 km from Hora), one of the largest and most beautiful villages in Naxos, with white houses and paved roads, built amphitheatrically at the foot of Mt Zas, on two hills. In the centre of the village is the Barotsi tower, built in 1650 and still standing today, where one of the cruelest feudal overlords lived. Near the tower is one of the most beautiful churches in Naxos, Panayia Filotissa which has rare icons, a marble screen and a carved belfry.





barotsi towerOn the north eastern side of the village is the famous cave of Zas where various arte facts and tools have been discovered, dating to the prehistoric times (there is a road which goes up to the spring at Argia and from there you could follow a footpath). Unfortunately no entrance has been created to this cave, so it is not possible to visit its inside. From Filoti there is a road which leads south to the Himarros tower, an imposing, circular defensive tower, dating back to the Hellenistic period (4th – 2nd century BC). The tower is built out of local marble and stands at an impressive height of about 15 m.










After Filoti, there is a turn which leads to Danakos, built in a deep gorge where until not so long ago the abundant waters used to set the water mills in motion. Above the village is the fortified monastery of Fotodotis (Light Giver) Christ.