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To Apano Castle | Routes for explorers and walkers | Naxos activities

To Apano Castle

Following the road from Halki to Potamia and Hora, we come to Tsikalario. A path starts where the village ends, leading to Apano Castle. After a point the path is not clear yet it moves in a circular direction to the left. The view from the top is majestic. Judging from the archaeological remains of the walls and reservoirs the Apano castle was used continuously since ancient times until the time of the Venetian rule. At the foot of the castle on the north eastern side, at alonakia, there is an ancient cemetery dating back to the Geometric period (9th -8th century BC). At the entrance to the cemetery there is a monolith (an upright stone) 3m high. There is a path descending from the castle on the western side and which takes us down in a north westerly direction, through the fields, until we come to an old path (a mule track) which leads to Potamia.