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To the top of Mt Zas | Routes for explorers and walkers | Naxos activities

To the top of Mt Zas

zas mountainTaking the turn towards Danakos, on the right hand side of the road, we come to the church of Agia Marina.From here there is a path which leads to the top of the mountain. At the first crossroads we take the path on our left hand (there are signs). After a short while we come to a spring.

A few meters before the spring, on a marble rock, there is an inscription, carved into a marble rock which reads in ancient Greek «OΡΟΣ ΔΙΟΣ MΗΛΩΣΙΟΥ», confirming that the mountain was important for the worship of Zeus.

Moving on, following the path of the goat herds, we come to the top. On the north western side of the mountain is the Cave of Zas, Zeus’ home (not visible from the top). We can return either by the road that we came from or go down towards the cave (the path is difficult and steep).

Close to the cave begins a path which leads to a flat area with trees and a spring (the spring of Argia) at about a kilometre’s distance from Filoti.