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A tour in Chora’s Castle - In the paths of Naxos | Tours by coach

In the paths of Naxos

A tour in Chora’s Castle

hora castleThe tour comprises an itinerary around the Castle’s alleys, a visit to the archeological museum, the venetian museum, the catholic cathedral as well as a guided tour to the Cas­tle’s significant monuments (Glezos tower, the Ursulines school, Sanoudos tower, Capella chapel, the Catholics’ archdiocese, Theoskepasti (veiled by God) church, St. Anthony’s castle-monastery of the Capuccines). The tour ends at the Venetian museum’s veranda with some soft drinks and a conversation with the guides.



naxos paths

In the paths of Naxos

Wear the right shoes and your hats, get plenty of water with you and let the experienced guides take you to magnificent routes while, at the same time, they inform you on the villages, the historical monuments but also the wild herbs (oregano, thyme, lavender, rosemary) that you come across during the tour.